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Viviana Mall Beats Lockdown By Entertaining People Daily


Viviana Mall Beats Lockdown By Entertaining People Daily


With the entire nation is in a state of lockdown, there is no denial of the fact that all leisure and entertainment activities have come to a full stop. In order to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, all the malls, restaurants and other social gathering places have been shut.

People have switched over to their smartphones and internet for their dose of entertainment. Another fact that has emerged is that due to the lack of any new content, people are faced with boredom. In order to fight this boredom, Viviana Mall has taken an effort to keep people entertained and engaged with exciting activities through social media.

Keeping in mind the need of the hour, Viviana Mall has come up with a solution in order to entertain their patrons by conducting various activities on their official social media page.

Daily, there are activities for people to look forward to. These are either in the form of entertainment or edutainment. The events include live music shows, online fitness sessions, sharing of health tips, quick-to-do recipes, art & craft video, etc. These events and activities are presented and accessible for the viewers by simply logging on to the Instagram page of the Mall. This helps in people remaining entertained so that they can #CelebrateEverydayAtHome.

There you go with a brief on the exciting and entertaining Activities being planned by the team Viviana Mall for the week –

Monday- Art & Craft:

Virtual art and craft classes for kids are held every week for them to bring out their creativity and imagination. Through Viviana Mall’s social media page, there are posts on easy art and craft videos to encourage the young artists. People can simply login to Viviana Mall’s Facebook or Instagram page and check out the videos and learn simple tricks and techniques. Few days ago, on April 27th, artist Parthvi Kadam shared a few tricks that make painting easier and fun. This was not just limited to kids, but anyone who wanted to try out their hands at painting. Prior to that, Amit Parekh had taught how one can reuse paper and make paper flowers through simple techniques. A competition was also held wherein the kids were asked to share their best artwork.

Tuesday- Tuesday Treats:

‘Tuesday Treats’ at Viviana Mall is a paradise for food-lovers. Food-lovers can avail great discounts and enjoy their delicious meal at great price. Since, the government has announced nationwide lockdown, Viviana Mall has given a spin to ‘Tuesday Treats’. The mall has been posting food recipes that do not require many ingredients or is hosting a live session with chefs. On April 28, a video on how to prepare banana pancakes was shared with people on Viviana Mall’s Instagram and Facebook handle. Chef Ananda Bhowmik detailed out the recipe to the netizens. Earlier in April, a soup recipe was shared by him and a contest was held wherein the audience were asked to submit pictures or videos of the breakfast dish they cooked during the lockdown along with the recipe. The idea behind ‘Tuesday Treats’ is to encourage people to explore their culinary skills. Everyone should utilise the lockdown to learn new skills. Beginners who want to try out their hands at cooking can make full use of this opportunity. Under ‘Tuesday Treats’, Viviana Mall will be posting healthy food recipes every Tuesday, for people to follow easily. The recipe video will be posted on Viviana Mall’s official Instagram and Facebook handle so that you do not miss the recipe and can watch it anytime you like.

Wednesday- International Dance Day:

As the name suggests, this campaign has been curated for Women, to celebrate their spirit, uniqueness and talent. The campaign hosts various fun activities for ladies, from makeup sessions, to fitness, to cooking, among various others. Prior to the lockdown, the mall provides a platform for all the women who have talent hidden in them so that they can get a chance to showcase it. Now, Viviana Mall has only changed the platform from being inside the mall to online. The concept remains the same. On Instagram, Viviana Mall is hosting live sessions for you not to miss out on entertainment and fun. Last week Suraj Gupta hosted an energetic Zumba session for ladies to keep them all charged up during this lockdown phase. This Wednesday, April 29, on the occasion of International Dance Day, the mall is planning to host a live dance session on their Instagram handle to encourage people to put on their dancing shoes and start grooving.


Viviana Mall has been sharing ideas where they suggest to the audience how one can unwind themselves after a hectic day by applying a refreshing ubtan facemask. One can also start reading books or tune in to music to fight boredom. Another great idea is to try your hands at calligraphy, which is relaxing and the end result is truly worth all your time and effort. For beginners who want to learn calligraphy, they can always start with tutorial videos available online.

Friday – Good Ol’ Fridays:

An initiative by the International Advertising Association – India Chapter in association with Viviana Mall and Rotary Club District 3141 has been organizing Good Ol’ Fridays to encourage youth to spend quality time with their grandparents by doing various activities and creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime. The purpose of the initiative was to rekindle the bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren and help them spend more time making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Good Ol’ Fridays is an initiative to bridge the generational gap between grandparents and grandchildren and create happy moments by spending quality time with each other. The initiative encourages them to spend quality time with each other through thoughtful activities every Friday. ‘Celebrate Everyday’ as a part of Viviana Mall’s motto, it has taken a step in curating activities, and programs which revolves around children and their Grandparents.

Saturday- V4 Live Music session:

One of Viviana Mall’s intellectual properties is V4 Music. Every Saturday, the mall organizes a live music event at its premises. Owing to the lockdown, this event has moved based from the premises of the mall to their Instagram handle. In the recent past, artists such as Arjun Kanungo, Indian Idol 11 finalists Azmat Hussain, Rohit Raut, Jannabi Das, Kaivalya Kejkar and Sunny, Bombay Raja, Danish, MCAltaf (of Gully Boy fame) and many more have performed at the live. People are looking for newer forms of entertainment and content. Understanding the need for people to get entertained through live performances, Viviana Mall has brought the performances online through their Instagram page. Now, one can get their weekend dose of live music on finger-tips. During the last few weeks, Shrey Jadhav, Bryan Rodrigues and Vernon Noronha had performed a live Instagram session wherein they took requests from the viewers. Lately on the Saturday, (May 2) evening, the mall hosted a live session with Rushi Brahmbhatt.

Sunday – Live Fitness Session:

Staying indoors has cut us off from our regular exercise regimen. We want all of you to remain fit and not to lower your stamina and immunity to fight the dreaded disease. Hence, the initiative to bring fitness sessions to your home via Instagram.Every Sunday, Dr Sudarshan Singh has been hosting live fitness sessions for Viviana Mall’s Instagram followers. He shares tips and tricks to remain fit while remaining indoors. Past weekend, Viviana Mall hosted its live session with fitness trainer Unnati Shah who took over Viviana Mall Instagram’s handle and taught the audience some easy home exercises and sharing some fitness tips with the audience that they can perform. This Instagram session was held on Sunday, 3rd May at 07:00PM.

For more information visit Viviana Mall's Instagram Page.

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