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​​​​Tangy & Delicious Mustard Sauces from VEEBA



Tangy & Delicious Mustard Sauces from VEEBA


Bengaluru, January 2018 

Veeba presents an enticing range of mustard sauces from Veeba- one of India’s leading sauce, dips and dressing company. Tantalize your taste buds with these flavorsome mustard sauces and dressings ranging from spicy to sweet, available in three variants- Honey Mustard dressing, English Mustard, American Mustard Sauce.  

Veeba has always endeavoured to bring authentic flavours from across the world into our homes and that are tasty and better for you. Indians love spices and once again Veeba has added a bit of twist to the mustard sauces to tempt the Indian consumers while keeping the authenticity. So, be it salad or glazed veggies, whip in some mustard sauce and enjoy the lip smacking taste. 





Honey mustard dressing (300gm)

INR- 149

The mellowness of honey with the tang of mustard, makes for the most interesting combination to power up your salad.






American Mustard (310gm)


Veeba's American mustard is made from one of the world’s best mustard powder. Goes best with sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza.







Veeba English Mustard (300GM)

INR- 74

This classic mustard sauce adds zing to any meal, any snack, any occasion. The pungent flavor is a great accompaniment to fried food.


Available on and retail outlets across India





About Veeba Foods

Veeba is one of the leading Condiments & Sauce company in India. The focus is on Quality, Innovation and ‘Better for You’ products which has helped VEEBA stand out in a very cluttered retail market. With a Pan India distribution network reaching both General Trade and Modern trade shops it offers consumers the freshest and the most authentic flavours in the comfort of their homes. Extreme focus is put on procuring the finest and most authentic ingredients from across the globe and then manufactured in a world class ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility.

Veeba started off as an B2B Sauce & Condiments company and its client list includes some of the biggest Global names in Quick Service Restaurants & Coffee industry.





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