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Mia by Tanishq announces fun and exciting contest #SnapOutOfIt to celebrate International Women’s Day


Submissions open from 2nd March to 6th March for women in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai

Mia by Tanishq announces an interesting way to celebrate Women’s Day by taking a step on the lighter side this year with the #SnapOutOfIt campaign. This contest is open from 2nd March to 6th March 2014 only for Women in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Encouraging women to bust away the work blues, the #SnapOutOfIt campaign is rejoices working women and their passions/small joys.

In light of the long working hours, deadlines, meetings and the commitments at home, taking a time off for herself is not a luxury enjoyed by most working women today. Keeping this in mind, the #SnapOutOfIt campaign calls for creative and fun entries from working women who have one opportunity to convince the brand why they deserve a chance to snap out the everyday hassles and routines they have to follow.

Moving forward from Mia by Tanishq’s previous, Women’s Day campaigns, this campaign is based on an entire different approach to the occasion. The winning entries will be have to be witty, funny, and most convincing. And keeping with the brand’s personality of light-weight daily wear jewellery, Mia wants participants to really have fun with their submissions.
As a brand that caters to the working woman, Mia believes that women have arrived and continue to make fabulous strides in their profession and personal lives, and as a mark of respect to the numerous roles she adorns, this Women’s Day brand Mia is looking to make it special.

Interested participants can log-in to the official Tanishq page on Facebook and participate through the #SnapOutOfIt app/
on this page.

For those participants who really want to get creative with their entries, the contest is open for video submissions as well, where women can upload their entries via a 30 second video uploaded onto YouTube and then shared on the app.

Tanishq will hand-pick 15 of the most convincing submissions from each of the three cities, where the women can enjoy outdoor experiences designed to give the winning ladies a chance to really snap out of their daily lives and celebrate Women’s Day with new experiences and a lot of fun.

So make this Women’s Day special by participating in #SnapOutOfIt campaign.

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