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Maria Goretti's Culinary Collaboration with White Owl Brewery

Mumbai, November 2015: Culinary Collaborations is a special limited Edition Beer Pairing menu that has been lovingly curated by Chef Dinesh Bherwani, executive chef of White Owl Brewery, in association with Ms. Goretti. The menu, which includes Maria's East-Indian style Prawns and Chef Dinesh's Charred Bhavnagri Chili, has been paired with fresh, artisinal craft brews from White Owl Brewery. As it is a limited edition menu, it will be available only at White Owl Brewery between November 18 and December 18, 2015.

November is a time for celebration and merriment. It's the perfect time to bring together family and friends and spend time with the people you love. When you add some great food and fresh brews into a gathering, it is guaranteed to be a truly memorable time. So to make sure your meal is as special as we can make it, we got celebrity chef and food enthusiast, Maria Goretti to come help us out. What happened when Chef Dinesh Bherwani and Ms Goretti started working on the menu can only be described as magical and after many days of experimenting and trials, they have produced a menu that is a paradigm of the two of them. It effortlessly brings together Chef Dinesh's skills and Ms. Goretti's creativity and palate to create a menu that is both experimental and approachable.

Since the menu is so close to their heart, Maria and Dinesh have taken every care to ensure that the food served is authentic and delicious. Maria's East-Indian Prawns are made with a special Goan vinegar that is made by Maria's father. TheOutlander, a Munich Lager with it's moderate sweet malt flavour, mild spicy aroma and moderate-light body, is the perfect companion to the dish as it enhances the tang of the vinegar and the slight bite of the kashmiri chili. Having been brought up in Africa, Chef Dinesh is very fond of African food, and when they realized that Maria loves African food too, the Chicken Babootie was immediately put on the menu. When paired with the Diablo, an Irish Red Ale, the Babootie gets an little fancier as the brew has a mild caramel & roast flavour that pulls the beautiful golden raisins into the spotlight and the mild roast aroma of the brew combines with the luscious egg custard and minced ginger making every bite exceptional.

The Burnt Marshmallow & Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich pays homage to all of our childhood fantasies. The decadent dessert, that could only have been cooked up by two foodies who are self proclaimed chocoholics gets an adult twist when had with our English Porter, Shadow. The strong roast & mild chocolate flavour, add a bitter-sweet dimension to the dessert, while the strong roast aroma, gives you a rich and satisfying end to a beautiful meal.

Chef Dinesh was very excited about the prospect of working with Maria and creating this menu.

"I loved collaborations. I love the challenge of taking two different opinions and combining them together. The outcome is always very special and I walk away from every collaboration having learned something new. Working with Maria was an absolute treat. We clicked almost instantly and even with our very different approaches to food, we just remained in sync. Maria's passion is infectious, she lives and breathes food, so you can't help getting drawn in."

Maria is in the midst of launching her new cookbook "From my kitchen to yours", but she was so keen to do this project.

"For someone like me, who got into food so late, it was a complete pleasure. It was very exciting to collaborate with Chef Dinesh on this Culinary Collaboration with White Owl Brewery. Since I make home style food, I was so excited to see my food and Chef Dinesh's food meet at a place and be served to people who walk into the bistro. Chef Dinesh is a wonderful warm person to work with and I think that the more you exchange ideas and the more you learn, it's always nicer in life and as for me I learnt a lot out this collaboration and I'm happier for it. "

About Maria Goretti
Maria Goretti is an ex-VJ, celebrity Chef and blogger. After studying Bakery at Sophia College for year, she went on to get trained at Tante Marie Culinary Academy, and gained a Le Cordon Bleu Certificate course in 'Culinary & Baking'. She set up her blog to document her culinary journey and instantly became a favourite is households across India. She hosted a TV show on NDTV Good Time channel called “Do It Sweet”.

Maria’s passion for food and her love for sharing this passion with everyone has resulted in her brand new cook-book “From My Kitchen To Yours“ that is being launched soon.

About Culinary Collaboration
Culinary Collaboration is a quarterly event where Executive Chef Dinesh Bharwani of White Owl Brewery teams up with renowned personalities from different walks of life to create a special supplementary menu that complement the brews beautifully and which is available all day only at the brewery for a limited time period.

About White Owl Brewery
White Owl Brewery is a Mumbai-based craft brewery that specializes in creating artisanal beer – handcrafted in small batches – using only the finest of natural ingredients from around the world. The company, which holds one of Mumbai's four microbrewery licenses, started serving several variants of White Owl Beer in October 2014. Initially available only at its flagship restaurant-brewery in Lower Parel, White Owl Brewery's craft beer is now available – on tap – at 17 prominent restaurants and bars across Mumbai with numerous additional establishments in the pipeline.

White Owl Brewery's portfolio of artisanal beers is impressive. Whether it is Shadow, an English Porter (with strong roast & mild chocolate flavours), Halcyon, an incredibly-popular German Hefeweizen (with banana & clove flavours), Torpedo, a punchy American Pale Ale (with a strong citrus flavour), Diablo, an Irish Red Ale (with mild caramel & roast flavours) or Ace, a dry French Apple Cider, each variety of White Owl Beer has crisp, complex flavours, distinct aromas, an alive, inviting appearance & smooth texture. Moreover, White Owl Beer – unlike mass-produced counterparts – is completely free of adjuncts, artificial flavours, synthetic colours & preservatives and is brewed under the leadership of a highly-experienced and internationally-trained brewing team. White Owl Brewery is also known for its delicious experimental brews that in the past have included Bumble, a Honey Pale Ale, Elf, a Spiced-Pumpkin Ale and Alfie, a decadent Mango Ale. White Owl Brewery has recently launched a brand new Munich Lager, Outlander (with moderate sweet malt flavour) for Oktoberfest.

One can now enjoy White Owl Brewery’s craft beers across Mumbai (and very soon in Pune). The widest selection of brews is available at White Owl Brewery’s flagship restaurant at One Indiabulls Centre in Lower Parel, which houses a physical microbrewery & features award-winning Modern European cuisine within a shabby-chic, warehouse-like setup. Additionally,White Owl Brewery’s craft beers can be enjoyed on tap at over 20 of Mumbai’s most prominent restaurants and bars across town, including-The Bombay Gymkhana, Fort; Otters Club, Bandra; The Good Wife, BKC; Social, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel and many more.

Conceptualized & founded by two young entrepreneurs: Javed Murad & Kunjan Chikhlikar with educational backgrounds from Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of Business, respectively, White Owl Brewery is supported by a diverse, well-networked investor group out of both India and the United States.

Address: The White Owl, One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2-B Lobby, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400 013
Website: | Facebook: @WhiteOwlDen
Instagram: @WhiteOwlWorld | Twitter: @WhiteOwlTweets

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