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Gleam in the goodness of Coconut & Saffron based Scrub by Alanna



Gleam in the goodness of Coconut & Saffron based Scrub by Alanna

100 % Natural | 100% Vegan


Treat your skin to the nourishment of nature with the all new desiccated coconut & Saffron based face & body scrub from Alanna, a 100% natural and vegan skincare brand. Perfect for gentle and everyday exfoliation, Alanna launches this powdered scrub as yet another blend of balanced ingredients sourced from the lap of Mother Nature, carefully curated to lend your skin evident and lasting therapeutic benefits.


Enriched with the beneficial properties of dried and shredded coconut, this scrub helps remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth and radiant skin. Deliciously aromatic, the sweet, lingering fragrance of desiccated coconut blended with the exotic sensory appeal of saffron & essential oils makes your skincare ritual a cherished sensory experience.


Coconut is widely known for being a rich source of vitamins and minerals like manganese, selenium and copper that intensively repairs the skin, leaving it soft & supple with repeated use. Saffron imbibes anti-bacterial qualities that are extensively impactful for curing acne. Also, an excellent exfoliator, Saffron works wonder on giving a brightening glow. It also provides anti-oxidant benefits that help to fight the fine-lines and wrinkles by delaying the ageing process of your skin.


For the Skin that faces everyday exposure to pollution and harshness of the sun, a perfect scrub for instant skin brightening and glow this winter. Treat yourself to this exotic creation made with desiccated coconuts and pure saffron that will leave your skin feeling smooth, bright and glowing, without robbing it of any moisture.


Just like every Alanna product, this scrub too is FDA and PETA Approved. It is also Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and Cruelty-free.


This collection is exclusively available on the Alanna website and



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Gleam in the goodness of Coconut & Saffron based Scrub by Alanna