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Ghanasingh Be True Presents A Special ‘Bridal Bazaar’ for Its 112th Anniversary


Being a leading jeweller since 112 years, iconic fine jewellery label Ghanasingh BE TRUE celebrates its anniversary with a distinguished collection "BE TRUE Bridal" along with a special 'Bridal Bazaar' for its patrons, on 11th of August 2016.

Date: 11th of August
Time: 3.00 - 5.00 pm
Venue: Ghanasingh Be True, Bandra
Entry: Open to all

To register for Bridal Bazaar, please call: +91 9870098157

The store has various interactive activities planned and outlined for their discerning clients, on board is luxury brand Judith Leiber, a name synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication will be previewing a collection of statement bags, in unusual silhouettes and warm jewel tones complimenting the jewellery pieces; bringing a beautiful selection to the discerning client, fulfilling every woman's aspiration. Renowned cosmetic clinic SkinLab by Dr. Jamuna Pai will be providing state of the art skin and beauty treatments with a private consultation for the soon- to- be bride's individual skin care needs at the anniversary. Prominent couture designers JADE by Monica & Karishma will be showcasing their latest collection with a unique sensibility and fierce creative spirit for their clients. Grooming Expert Rukshana Eisa will be prepping the brides- to- be, by conducting private sessions on grooming and etiquette. Contouring maestro, Make-up artist Gurpreet Ghura, will be conducting a session on make up contouring techniques with easy tips and hacks. Wellness expert Zarin Watson will be present at the Bridal Bazaar, providing private consultations on fitness and nutrition. Percept Weddings, a front-runner in the business of weddings and credited to have spotted the potential to transform standard weddings into elaborate celebratory affairs, will be present at the Bazaar.

Ghanasingh Be True Jewellery Salon

205, Queens Palace
Waterfield Road,
Bandra West
Mumbai - 400050
Contact: Krishaa Ghanasingh
Tel: 022-26435500

Email: info [at] ghanasingh [dot] in

Facebook -
Instagram -

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