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Foodhall offers the perfect gift hampers for your sisters



Foodhall offers the perfect gift hampers for your sisters

Pick from a plethora of options like Superfood Hamper, Coffee Addict Hamper, Baker's Hamper, House of Tea Hamper and many more


Mumbai, July 2017: They say the relationship between a brother and sister is like wine — it gets better with time and though this bond entails its own bitter-sweet story, it is equally imperative to celebrate it. So keep that naughty, yet loving, brother-sister relationship alive and choose a gift for your sibling from an amazing variety of goodies only at Foodhall. 

For the sister who is always looking for a Sugar Rush

Chocolat Surprise Hamper by Blue Ribbon Gifting, Foodhall - As a symbol of love, passion and care, our chocolate laden hamper is brimming with sweet bites that every chocolate lover would like. Includes Bustaan Chocolate-coated Nuts, Lindt Excellence, Caramel, Lindt Lindor, Friberg Noir Wafer Thin Chocolate, El Almendro Chocolate-coated Turron, Delaviuda Bonbones, Ferrero Rocher, Brazilnut chocolate and Brownie Cottage Brownie

Priced at 3200 INR

Rochers and Florentines by Foodhall Specials - Includes Orange & Mixed Seed Florentine, Cranberry & Almond Florentine,Pistachio &ChilliRochers, Salted Caramel Rochers,Jasmine Tea & Almond Rocher

For the Coffee addict sister

Coffee Date Hamper by Blue Ribbon Gifting, Foodhall - Inspired by warm conversations and rich friendships, these coffee hampers are perfect for the caffeine addicts. Includes Foodhall Specials Chocolate Chip Biscotti, Sprig Demerara, Sugar Cinnamon, The Coffee Co. Southern Estate ground coffee, Heidi Dark Espresso, Whole Bean Coffee, Fine Aroma, Coffee and Devnow Coffee Press
Priced at 4800 INR

For the 'healthy' sister

SuperFood Hamper by Blue Ribbon Gifting, Foodhall - This festive season send a guilt-free indulgent gift hamper to your loved ones for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Includes Traditions by Foodhall Red Amaranth, The House of Tea Matcha Tea, Kale Chips, Almond & Flaxseed Jam Cookies, Home Delight, Ragi Chips, Aloe Juice, Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries and The Nibble Box Seedy Seat Mate​

Priced at 3900 INR

For the 'baker' in your sister

The Bakers Table Hamper by Blue Ribbon Gifting, Foodhall - A delightful hamper made with tools and ingredients to help every baking aficionado whip up gorgeous cakes. Includes Whisq: 8" Square Cake Pan and Spatula. Bitter Chocolate, Couverture, Vanilla Beans, Sprig Demerara Sugar and Sugar Strands.

Priced at 3000 INR

For the Tea Lover

The House of Tea  Hamper by Foodhall - Make your own bespoke tea hamper with the choicest teas, charming tea pots,demitasse sticks, cookies and more.The House of Tea: Risheehat China Muscatel Loose, Assam Abali Organic, Jasmine Green Tea Shortbread Cookies, Demitasse Sticks, Tea Caddy, Tea Pot and 2 Double Wall Cups

Priced at 5000 INR

High Tea Elegance Hamper by The House of Tea, Foodhall - For the tea lover in your life, this hamper has everything one needs to brew the perfect cup of tea. Inclusive of a tea-for-one set, this hamper is also the perfect gift for your business associates. Foodhall: Almond & Walnut Biscotti, Apple Cinnamon Tea Cake and Tea-for-one Set. Sprig Matcha, Golden Tips Jasmine Green Tea, Twinings Darjeeling Whole Loose Tea, Mille Foglie Cookies and Desert Bloom Honey.

Priced at 4300 INR

For the Cheese Lover

Cheese Monger's Delight Hamper by Blue Ribbon Gifting, Foodhall -  A chic basket packed with exquisite cheeses and accompaniments to delight your cheese-loving friend. Includes Foodhall Specials Pink Peppercorn Cream Cheese, Bustaan Flavoured Nuts, Kerrygold Dubliner, Camembert, Olives stuffed with pimientos, Spicy Onion Relish, Artichoke with herbs, Babybel Edam, Mondovino black olive crackers and Sage Derby.

Priced at 5000 INR

For the one who loves traditional gifts

ARQA Saffron - Saffron has a highly auspicious place in our culture and is a priceless gift with RakshaBandhan on its way, marking the onset of the festive season.

Sourced from the Kashmiri Saffron town of Pampur, Arqa offers traditions, purity and a distinguished gift in a small Saffron box. We also recommend offering it along with Dry Fruit and Fresh Fruit gifts to enliven the RakshaBandhan gift to your  beloved!

Priced at 600 INR

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