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AW16 collection for Women from Being Human Clothing

The AW16 collection from Being Human Clothing brings out the latest trends from the runaway to a layman’s wardrobe. It is a celebration of chic and comfort which leaves a lasting impression on any buyer. With each collection the brand brings out various color pallets, silouhetts, and undeniabley trendy designs in casual clothing wear.Keeping the seasons in mind the collections boasts of denims, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and more to keep you comfy and cozy in the winter.

The AW16 collection is divided into 4 categories namely creator, Old is new, Sublime Story, Playful Escape.

CREATOR celebrates the un styled. Takes you back to the traditional skills of the tradesman, this story has a simple, honest approach, and is built on the principles of passion, craftsmanship and authenticity. It is the perfect way to start to autumn wardrobe. The perfect start for the autumn wardrobe begins with this category. Artisan comes wrapped in warm, rustic tones and textures, outsized silhouettes and crafted, up cycled materials. It is built with character and authenticity in mind, this palette works with denim blue, lumberjack red and woody timber tones. Khaki green and stony grey also bring hardy depth.

OLD IS NEW is built on the foundations of the far past and the far future. Strong and resilient, this trend is defiant. It has a survivalist feel that comes laced with the drama and romance of historical costume. OLD IS NEW is this season’s most opulent, rich and futuristic story, offering luxuriously fierce look. This palette looks to the colour of old master paintings. Impassioned and full of fiery richness, this story works deep reds with smoked rosin and dark espresso, while coral orange and gold moss breathe newness into these age-old tones.

SUBLIME STORY is epic yet intimate. The designers have tried to explore the elements of nature with this it has a solitary, roaming spirit as it moves from the ruggedness of the great outdoors to the inner calm that can be found indoors. A sublime story that runs through deep winter, it has emotional intensity and an atmospheric friction as the still and stormy collide and stony grey also bring hardy depth. The palette sweeps from pale, breezy neutrals to heavier, moody greys. It tugs between hard and soft, light and dark, creating a tension that is bolstered by cold pastels and pearly metallic.

PLAYFUL ESCAPE-A trans seasonal theme, this story has a spring in its step, as color is heightened to bring an intense bundle of energy to the scene. Playing with expectations, Offbeat is also creative, immersive and interactive; it wants to appeal, intrigue and delight with stimulating designs that reawaken the senses. This season, condensed color packs a refined punch. Jumping from tomato red to sour green, this palette has an unexpected element to it, as unlikely tones are paired in an unusually sophisticated way.

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AW16 collection for Women from Being Human ClothingAW16 collection for Women from Being Human ClothingAW16 collection for Women from Being Human ClothingAW16 collection for Women from Being Human Clothing