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Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™



ASICS Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™

Advanced GUIDESOLE™ Technology Introduces a unique sensation for runners that reduces energy loss at the ankle joint to boost running efficiency


February 28 - MUMBAI, India: ASICS turned the world of running on its head as it revealed a completely new concept in run efficiency, METARIDE™.  One of ASICS’ most important innovations in seven decades, and as part of ASICS’ ambition to help all runners to WIN THE LONG RUN the shoe was designed with one purpose in mind; to make running longer distances easier.

Developed over two years by a team of scientists and designers at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) in Kobe, Japan, METARIDE™ is precision engineered to minimize movement in the area where most energy is expended; the ankle joint. 

Scientifically proven to offer a total reduction of energy loss at the ankle joint by almost one fifth, the difference could be seismic for long distance runners who want to achieve their full potential. 

The key to creating the most efficient run possible was the discovery of new revolutionary GUIDESOLE™ technology; a precision-shaped curved sole that works by shifting the body weight forward and propelling runners on to give the feeling of effortless motion. 

The result? An energy-saving shoe that provides a new running sensation with the potential to significantly improve performance and protection to help runners of every level keep going longer than they thought possible. 

Featuring multiple proprietary technologies in an all-new radical design, METARIDE™ successfully optimizes all three phases of the gait cycle to create a completely different kind of running shoe. In tests, METARIDE™ has been scientifically proven against conventional running shoes in the category to;

  • reduce total energy loss at the ankle joint where most energy is expended
  • improved static fit and grip to reduce ankle movement throughout the stride whilst also maintaining stability and durability
  • feel like a new running experience


Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at ISS comments on how  METARIDE™ breaks new ground in long distance running.

“The METARIDE™ concept and new GUIDESOLE™ technology are fundamentally different to any other shoe we’ve ever made or that’s on the market today.  We looked at run efficiency in a uniquely ASICS way to provide a new ‘feel’ whilst maintaining our promise of performance and protection.”

Representing the pinnacle of ASICS innovation, the METARIDE™ is the first in ASICS' new energy-saving franchise, which will make the same concept and technologies available to more runners at different price points.  A takedown model is planned for release this autumn.


Yasuhito Hirota, ASICS President and COO said METARIDE™ demonstrates ASICS’ commitment to continue to accelerate how runners move through cutting-edge product and services.

“We believe this new technology has the potential to disrupt the world of long-distance running. Our athletes and runners have told us that METARIDE™ is already transforming how they train, race, run and recover. This is just the beginning of a new era for ASICS as we bring the best innovations to our fans while attracting a new generation of runners.”

METARIDE™ will be available in limited quantities from ASICS retail and online stores and specialist run outlets globally from 28th February. 




METARIDE™ features no less than six proprietary technologies and new circular upper:

  • FLYTEFOAM™: durable lightweight midsole for cushioning and responsiveness 
  • FLYTEFOAM™ Propel: midsole foam to enhance responsiveness in toe-off
  • Rearfoot GEL™ technology: cushioning system to improve shock attenuation during heel impact
  • GUIDESOLE™ technology: new soft curved sole with stiff forefoot to reduce ankle flexion  
  • 3D GUIDANCE LINE™ technology: evolved GUIDANCE LINE™ to shift centre of mass and help leg swing
  • ASICS grip sole: new outsole for traction and durability
  • METACLUTCH™ technology: optimized external heel counter for premium fit and flexibility
  • KNIT UPPER: knit material upper for support and breathability and new eyelet structure to optimize shoelace tension and fit


The technologies work together to optimize efficiency at all three stages of the gait cycle to deliver the feeling of effortless motion:


  1. A combination of FLYTEFOAM™ and GEL™ technologies placed in the midsole enhance responsiveness and reduce muscle fatigue during heel impact

FLYTEFOAM™, FLYTEFOAM™ Propel, and rearfoot GEL™ technologies


  1. A new sole delivers optimal curvature, reducing ankle movement and giving a smooth, effortless running motion while providing traction

GUIDESOLE™ technology, 3D GUIDANCE LINE™ technology, and ASICS grip sole


  1. The unique construction places the shoe’s center of mass toward the rearfoot, helping  the runner swing through each stride quickly and easily

GUIDESOLE™ technology, 3D GUIDANCE LINE™ technology,

ASICS grip sole, METACLUTCH™ technology, KNIT UPPER and eyelet


METARIDE™ shoe will be available at ASICS retail and online stores.


MRP: METARIDE™ - INR 19,999/-


To find out more about the products, please visit





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Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™Larissa Bonesi : Asics Redefines The Long Run With The Launch Of New Energy Saving Shoe – Metaride™