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ANMOL unveiled its new Corporate Identity “ANMOL – INHERENTLY LUXE’


3rd September 2016 – ANMOL unveiled its new Corporate Identity 'ANMOL – INHERENTLY LUXE’ at the preview of its new collection for the festive season on 3rd September 2016. The event which was held at ANMOL’s luxury boutique on Turner Road, Bandra, was attended by some of the Inherently Luxe clients of the store that included Shankar Mahadevan, Padmini Kolhapure, Preeti Jhangiani and many more. The new Corporate Identity proclaims the shift from “ANMOL JEWELLERS” to “ANMOL – INHERENTLY LUXE”, where the tagline “INHERENTLY LUXE” implies the brand’s clientele who live & breathe luxury. The Rose Gold & Ivory logo unit signifies luxury, elegance and sophistication. Rose gold is also one of the most popular metals used in jewellery in recent times. It effectively communicates ANMOL’s brand philosophy and resounds the sophisticated lifestyle, taste and persona of ANMOL’s clientele, which is as exclusive and unique as the brand and its scintillating designs. The ANMOL monogram of the interwoven 4 A’s stands unique and irreplaceable as its Design Mark. From being a modest jewellery store selling gold jewellery in 1986 to enhancing presence with diamond jewellery by opening ‘THE DIAMOND MINE’ in 1997 to positioning itself as a brand which stands for ‘DESIGN’ with the ‘ERA OF DESIGN’ campaign in 2012 – ANMOL’s journey has been truly fascinating. Today, the boutique located on Turner Road, Bandra, houses classy & exquisite pieces which spell elegance, grace and beauty. The scintillating jewellery range consists of diamonds, uncut diamonds and precious gemstones and the price range starts from Rs.25000 onwards. Over the last few years, ANMOL has gradually evolved into being a customer-centric brand. In 2012, ANMOL launched its innovative ‘Anmol Hug’ initiative which is a unique loyalty program designed for its loyal clientele. This was followed by the path-breaking ‘Real Women Love Anmol’ campaign launched in October 2015, portraying Real Women who are clients of Anmol, as its protagonists. So whether it was Neelam Bose Roy or Trisha Chhabra, Pakkhi Pahuja or Madhurima Nigam, the brand realized that each of its clients had an innate sense of what was luxury beyond jewellery. And hence the new Corporate Identity reiterates ANMOL’s stance as a customer-centric brand. Mr. Ishu Datwani, Founder, ANMOL said, “As a brand we have been known for our innovations not just in our designs, but also in our approach towards marketing, customer service and CRM activities. Today, ANMOL has developed into a store that spells Luxury in every element of detail from the façade to its interiors to the jewellery to the staff presence and packaging. Over the years, we have realized that more than its products, brand experience and customer service, a brand is a reflection of its clientele. The thought has manifested itself in our new Corporate Identity and hence we say that every ANMOL client is ‘Inherently Luxe’.” ANMOL’s vision is ‘To become the Creator of Trends and Custodian of Trust in the jewellery industry’. The ‘Inherently Luxe’ positioning certainly takes the brand’s vision & odyssey to the next level and celebrates design & luxury, the ‘Real’ way! About Anmol: Anmol has been creating unique masterpieces since 30 years. Known for its exceptional designs, craftsmanship and attention to detail, Anmol is the preferred jewellery brand among the crème de la crème across industries. From daughters of leading business and industrial homes in India and overseas to glamorous Bollywood actors and creative fashion designers, Anmol is the jewellery hub for all. The desire to create, innovate and evolve with every single masterpiece is what makes Anmol a brand to reckon with.

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ANMOL unveiled its new Corporate Identity "ANMOL - INHERENTLY LUXE'ANMOL unveiled its new Corporate Identity "ANMOL - INHERENTLY LUXE'