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Global Beauty Secrets

Global Beauty Secrets is a blend of beauty secrets and ingredients from different cultures that celebrate women across the world.

GBS celebrates Women: We celebrate the collective wisdom of women across the world. It is an assortment of beauty secrets from women with different cultural legacies.

GBS believes beauty is a little bit of science with a lot of soul: From the kitchens and courtyards of women belonging to different regions of the world, we have come up with natural beauty solutions which are scientifically immersed. Our products are a perfect blend of latest scientific knowledge and the soulful wisdom of women across the world.

GBS celebrates Culture: Women from all over the world have their own beauty secrets that have been developed at home. These secrets have percolated down their family lines but often stay hidden, limited to particular families of communities. GBS plans to source such personal care remedies adopted by women and craft products accordingly. Extending the celebration of the collective wisdom of women across the world.


Global Beauty Secrets Products :

For the Face

  • Japanese Adzuki Bean Face Wash
  • Indian Milk and Saffron Toner
  • Turkish Watermelon and Argan Oil Day Cream
  • Greek Charcoal Face Mask

For the Hair

  • Egyptian Honey and Castor Oil
  • Turkish Rhassoul Hair Mask
  • Turkish Rose and Mint shampoo and Conditioner

For the Body

  • Greek Yogurt and Lavender Body Moisturizer
  • Aztec Chocolate and Walnut Soap 
  • Indian Rose and Kewda Body Mist

The products are priced in the range of ₹ 400 to ₹2500.


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Come let’s discover the beauty secrets together.


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